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October Worship  

Message from Rev. Nancy

Let’s Be All that Jesus Stood For in 2019

Those of you who were in church a couple of weeks ago know that I shared with you the way that Fran Mains always ended her prayers. She would pray “in Jesus’ name and for all he stood for.”

I was always struck by the phrase – “for all he stood for” – for isn’t that the challenge of our church? To come closer each day to reflecting “all that he stood for” – radical welcome, inclusion, non-violence, a deep connection and concern for the poor, justice-seeking? Moving out of our own little worlds and into the bigger world around us.

Our current worship series challenges us to move out of our own little world and to think about how our little church can come closer to reflecting “all that he stood for.”

October 14th – I Don’t Want to Miss What Matters

October 21st – Give me Open Hands and Open Doors

October 28th – I Wanna Be Reaching Out

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